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ReviewsAt Easy Sale Today we think we do a very good job for our clients. When we buy houses in Detroit, Metro Detroit or anywhere in Michigan, we are fast, efficient, courteous and always offer a fair price.  Being in business since 2003 has taught us the importance or having Raving Fans as clients.  After doing business with multiple sellers right here in Metro Detroit they’ve referred us to other folks who need to sell some real estate also.

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“…there’s a lot of’s out there”

After meeting multiple so-called investors at a house my wife inherited over 50 miles from our home it wasn’t until Easy Sale Today showed up that we got the house off our backs.  With grass cutting, garbage days, and all of the other worries you have with a house that’s not easy to get to every day we were fed up.  So I met with with a few cash buyers and all that I can say is there’s a lot of’s out there.  Easy Sale Today did what they said they’d do, and to me that’s the most important part of a business deal.

F.H. - Roseville, MI

“…closed over a week sooner than promised”

When I contacted Easy Sale Today I was hesitant to work with an “investment company”.  The house I was selling had trouble tenants in it and I needed it gone quick so that I could move to Texas to help my daughter and new grandson.  After a pleasant sit down with your company we were able to come to a fast and fair price and the icing on the cake was we closed a week sooner than promised.

MJM - Utica, MI

Easy Sale Today - We Buy Houses
…they bought the house as-is in less than 2 weeks and held us harmless of the scary repairs that needed to be completed

After my brother passed away we were left with the job of cleaning out his house and selling it. Not knowing where to turn I spoke with a friend of mine who’s a retired commercial real estate broker. After explaining to him that we were ready to start thinking about selling and found a small crack in one of the basement walls he suggested we speak with an investor. He explained that he knew one professional housebuyer in particular and they were no-nonsense and worth talking to. That’s when we were introduced to Easy Sale Today. From start to finish they made the sale easy as pie and had all the answers to the questions we had. They bought the house as-is in less than 2 weeks and held us harmless of the scary repairs that needed to be completed. By the end of the transaction it felt like we were dealing with family. After the closing we went to a traditional Chinese family style dinner at the restaurant my wife and I frequent. Not only did the company pay for the meal but a couple weeks later we received a $100 gift certificate in the mail to that very same restaurant. Although we will probably never have another house to sell in that situation, we always refer Easy Sale Today to anyone we hear who wants to sell a house.

R. L. Rochester Hills, MI

“…my tenant is in a good situation and I’m able to travel”

With plans to sell my 50 year old plus family business and travel more I needed to tie up a few loose ends.  I had 3 rental houses that my Dad left me when he passed.  The first two I was able to both sell to the tenants.  The last one proved a bit harder to unload.  In came Easy Sale.  My main goal when possibly selling the house was to make sure that my tenant would be safe from eviction, a major rent hike or any other possible unfriendly treatment.  Not only did they keep my tenant but they remodeled the bathroom right after purchaing the home from me.  Now my tenant is in a good situation and I’m able to travel.

V.R. Warren, MI